Ciurczak Abstract and Bio

Thinking Outside the Plain: 3-D Printing and Chemical Imaging

Emil Ciurczak


Two interesting technologies that take us out of the "average lab setting" will be discussed: Three-Dimensional printing and Chemical Imaging. 3-D printing has moved beyond novelties and is becoming an important tool in healthcare. Examples of replacement joints, solid dosage forms, and the future application for biological "parts replacements" will be examined.  

While chemical imaging (primarily in NIR) has been around for decades, it is hardly commonplace. We will examine the theory, equipment, and uses of CI. The advantages and information gleaned from a single CI (what and where) will be examined.   

Both may be considered to be multidimensional: 3-D is self explanatory, while chemical imaging is a 2-dimensional, detailed picture with spectral information at each pixel, making it, in effect, a 3-D photo of all the individual granules and their identities.


Brief Biography for Emil W. Ciurczak


Emil W. Ciurczak has advanced degrees in Chemistry from Rutgers and Seton Hall Universities, has been in the pharmaceutical industry since 1970, performing method development on most types of analytical equipment. In 1983, he introduced NIR spectroscopy to pharmaceutical applications. He also consults for numerous instrument companies. His research is largely pharmaceutical applications of NIR where he has published over five dozen articles in refereed journals, over 250 magazine columns, and presented over 200 technical papers. 

Since 2005, Emil has been Contributing Editor for Pharmaceutical Manufacturing magazine (wrote column for Spectroscopy; 1987-2007) and for Contract Pharma magazine since 2013. He has written and edited several texts and chapters: “Handbook of NIR Analysis” (1st, 2nd, and 3rd editions, 4th in progress), “Pharmaceutical and Medical Applications of NIRS” (1st & 2nd editions), “Molecular Spectroscopy Workbench,” and chapters on NIR applications to life sciences. Emil sits on several magazine editorial boards, is active in SAS, is a founder of the Council for NIRS, and was the 2002 chair for IDRC (Chambersburg Conference). 

He has been teaching (college adjunct) since 1979: Stevens Tech, College of St. Elizabeth, Hood College, and Mount St. Mary’s College; as well as short courses (in NIR, Raman, and PAT/QbD) for the ACS, CfPA (US and Europe), PTI, SPIE, ASSA, and other organizations.

Emil is a consultant in the field of NIR (lab and process applications) and holds more than a dozen patents for NIR-based devices and software. He consults with various pharmaceutical companies, instrument manufacturers, and the FDA. He was a member of the PAT sub-committee (Validation) for the FDA and member of the PAT Expert Committee for the USP. He was the 2004 recipient of the EAS Achievements in NIR Award.